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DJ schedule

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 9 months ago

DJ Sign up page

Info for djs.

I'll be trying to get a table or two to set things on.


Ryan Hayes will be providing a PA system.

Krisque is lending us a Pioneer DJM500 mixer.

Jungle Jim is lending his 1200 mk2 turntables.


Brett has to bow out, due to a death in his extended family.


CDjs, we may need to have you bring your own rig, unless someone wants to lend us theirs for the weekend. I will guard it with my life, and we have a place to lock it all up when not in use.




DJ Name Music Style Times availableNotes for events
Ryry (www.ryry-sound.net)House & technoany timeI also like french fries
kid gorilla + downtempo, funk, house fri 12am-3am & sun 11am-1pm I prefer pomme fritte/ monopolova
Mr. Fang vs. Navi_Cat downtempo & melodic IDM Saturday 12:30am - 3:30am tag-team cuteness
Christine Rage (www.christinerage.com) UK Hard House, Trance, Breakbeat any Lots of meat and potatoes
JungleJim drum&bass (mostly ragga) Saturday 10pm - 11pm BOH
Strangevibejazzy/brazil/afro/downtempoafternoon or after 11PMeyecandy++
kRISQUEbreaks/dNbSATURDAY nighti speak the fire sign language
DJ Snax80's new waveFriday 8-10pm or 9-11pmwill provide an extension cord
DJ Supaflyfunk, rock, jazz, thump, gravy, & syrup Fri after 7pm Sat after 8pmomygod. shoes.
Skaven (djskaven@gmail.com)funky, dark, dirty breaksFriday 10pm till Sunday 5pmYour socks will be rocked right off. demos


Official schedule sign up

TimeDJContact infoStyleWhat do you need?


8pm (during dinner)DJ snax80s new wave
9pmdrupal lecture. no music
10pmDJ Snax80's new wave
11pmDJ Supaflybeats and things and stuff


12am (beeer and polka 1/2 hour)Mr. Fang vs Navi Cat(email removed)downtempo & melodic IDM
1amMr Fang vs Navi Cat
2amMr Fang vs Navi Cat
3amMr Fang vs Navi Cat
4amRecall vs JungleJimdrum&bass tagteam
5amRecall vs JungleJimdrum&bass tagteam
8am (breakfast)
12pm (lunch)Strangevibe
4pm(ice cream social and swing dance)we need swing music for this
7pm (dinner)
8pm (firespinners and hoola hoopers)Skavendjskaven@gmail.comDark, funky breaks
9pm Skavendjskaven@gmail.comDark, funky breaks
10pm JungleJim junglejim@gmail.comdrum&bass


12am (martini rampage 1/2 hour)lokiloki@everydayjunglist.orgdrum&bass
1amKid GorillaFollowing whatever loki is bringing
2amKid GorillaKeeping the funk alive
3amSkavendjskaven@gmail.comKeeping the energy up
4am (zombie dance party)Krisque indeed!
5am Krisque will go until he is too tired or someone else wants a turn
8am (breakfast)
10am (kid parade)
11amKid Gorilladowntempo, funk, house
12pm (lunch, belly dancing)Kid Gorilla
1pmSkavendjskaven@gmail.comEclectic mix of prog house, breaks, trip-hop
2pmSkavendjskaven@gmail.comEclectic mix of prog house, breaks, trip-hop
5pm (award ceremony)no dj





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