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Electowidget is a class of voting method php API for use throughout the web.


Electowidget is a PHP library (initally a plugin for MediaWiki) designed to make it possible to conduct Internet polls and elections using many different voting systems, including the Schulze method, Instant runoff voting, Approval voting, and even plain old Plurality. It also assists in explaining different election methods by providing an easy way of tallying example elections, and comparing the results as computed by different elections. The modular design allows for plugging in new election tallying methods, different ballot designs, and different ballot formats.


The project home page is: http://wiki.electorama.com/wiki/Electowidget .


Election mapping reference


Electowidget uses a JSON formatted configuration for each election. It is a comprehensive mapping of all the settings relevant to a particular election.


Electowidget for Drupal


The possibility to use Electowidget within Drupal has been discussed here, within the Drupal Voting system group.


Beside the code already published at the electowidget web site above, Augustin has some more unpublished code (not much) to make electowidget more CMS agnostic and more plugable into any CMS, including Drupal.


Other LOTV related projects


The following projects could make use of the Electowidget API:



More information.


Contact Augustin for more technical and general information.

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