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Do you really expect this to work?


Yes, partially. I expect some serious code to be written. After I came up with this idea I found out that both the Zope and BSD communities each do something similar. Though I doubt theirs are as much fun as this is going to be. See the page on Food and Activites!


I expect people to be more informed afterwards about many things such as Drupal development, Non profit needs, and the potential for becoming more politically involved with the League of Technical Voters.


Do I expect every single module I like implemented fully without any bugs? UH NO... I mean I know and understand the development process after 12 yrs. I do hope to have a pretty good model of what can be done but I sure don't expect everything to work properly. I hope People will have so much fun that keep contributing and ask me when is the next one!


I'm super excited and want to learn more!


Cool! Go to drupal.org and start getting your development enviroment setup on your laptop. That will save some serious time before you get here. Also look through the Suggested Modules that LoTV, other Nonprofits, and the coders themselves are adding to the list. Research and see if there is any nifty prexisting code.


Why create a huge monolithic application? Those are going the way of the dinosaur


Well admittedly the concept behind the League is rather large. We have been doing extensive interviews and some surveys to determine the features our audiences desire most to participate. For example, we found the need to be able to track all blogging in regards to current rapidily changing legislation is VERY important to legislators. If we are able to create a semantic structure that can work with the folkonomies are bloggers are naturally going to create, most legislators will participate. Many said that feature along will bring them into the conversation(via our surveys and interviews.)


A social network with verified identities through a reputation system and listing of qualifications is quite important to the Press. They are very interested in using the blogging data we gather as a verifiable resource. The legislators and state agencies echoed that sentiment. They feel that blogging is too fluffy and inflamatory currently to seriously consider it. But they said if a structure similar to this was setup, they would lend greater crediablity to the posts. They also said the demographic voting data was very important.


The communities/groups and scientists are the last group of interviews we have yet to do. Obviously the groups and communities need are large. Most NPOs have a long list of tools they would like to see implemented. We are trying to factor in those here. But priority must be given to the ones that integrate into our toolset.

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at 8:20 am on Jul 19, 2006

I'm an adult now, and I will go home to sleep at night. How can I participate?

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