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Food and Activites

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 4 months ago

Doryan and I are booking 5-15 minute activites every 3-4 hours for keeping the programmers motivated!


The Google schedule is here. These are confirmed events. You can also search for it under "The League of Technical Voters"

Suggest activities here:


Event NameDescriptionSugg'd TimePeopleNotes/Materials/Etc
Friday DinnerFish Tacos, veggie fajitas from Trudy's, pizza from Papa John's 8pm friday
beer with polka music30 minmidnight friday1 keg dos equis individual contributors!
4am sat?
Sat BreakfastQuack's and Mandola's bakery stuff 8am Sat
chair massagesduring dayAsk Kat and Kathi
Sat Lunchsandwiches chips and salsa (Chipotle?) noon sat
ice cream anti-social and swing dance 30 minute4pm Saturdayget from Costco CHAD, Ori, Dee, Adam?, June, 7.0, Delia get more girls!
Sat DinnerMellow mushroom pizza, food from Trudy's 7pm
firespinnersa short 15 minute presentation 8pm talk to Doug, Roxy, Tonja, Baru, Mark outside space towel people
Martini rampage30-min premade martini delivery, people in ballroom/fancy dressmidnight sat Sheilagh is letting us setup at her house, show up at 11:00 PM at 4513 Placid Place, 1/2 block east & 1/2 block north of MoPac & 45th Street / (512) 454-4354 ~ Michelle goddess of food is mixing the drinks Royal Liquors has donated the vodka!, sienna for olives
Zombie dance party You need a description?4am SundayKrisquepost to get people out at 4am!
Sunday Breakfastbakery stuff and breakfast tacos 8am
Kids Parade with broken instrumentsdonuts and coffee10am
Sunday Lunchhummus from Tom's. pita pit, Trudy's noon
Bellydancing by Miriamnoon sundaymusic?
CODE CRAM final push of content to site4pm
prizes for those that made the 48 hours5:30pmgive away stuff
hulahoopers a short 15 minute demo inside sat dinner Roxy's is gathering the gals inside


safety squaddesignated drivers & post-event recuperation areaorganized/registered buddy systemsleepy/happy people help each other get home alive


DJ's ambient thing for the most part but kick it up for events...

DJ schedule


Decoration Committee page


Donations needed

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