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Social Network

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 1 month ago

Good Social Networking



GoJoinGo has been updated for Drupal 4.7 and an install profile created (contact dgeilhufe AT civicspacelabs.org for more info)



Good overview of GJG functionality: http://groups.drupal.org/node/516


Having a bullet proof install profile for GJG for Drupal 4.8 (which includes install profiles) would be a great step forward and I think meet LOTV's goals.


A good addition would be the integration of GoJoinGo with OG2List for the yahoo groups -like functionality of email lists for every group.


GoJoinGo 4.7 is partially intergrated with OG2List already. But needs some work/ polish -David Geilhufe


Great I hope you will be available to help out that group of programmers :-) - Silona


also not to be dense but I didn't see the friending and reputation aspects here?


I don't think reputation is in there- depends how you want to do friends... perhaps User Points module? They buddy list module is already integrated for friends. -David

Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 7:23 pm on Aug 14, 2006

wow David this is AWESOME!

Anonymous said

at 2:07 am on Aug 15, 2006

Very cool! I'd like to discuss with you the value of "Private Social Networking" (especially for doing Voting activism). Most SN tools seem to lack any information security capabilities, which I find troubling given the totally out-of-control snooping going on. If GJG can be extended to work with tools like GnuPG, it might go nicely hand-in-hand with our HighFire project.
See: http://lotv-lockin.pbwiki.com/CRF
What do you think, Sir?

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