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Suggested Modules

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What's Going On?


Please list the module and put brackets around it and create another page with a longer description and design information.

Some of these modules will be kinda crazy and may need even more than one page! The better your specs the better the program can be implemented!

If you think it has already been created please list the module you believes implements this functionality. Always check the long description page first!


The Features


Module NameShort DescriptionTo be: (Cr)eated, Implemented on LoTV(Live), or (Fix)edSuggesterProgrammer/s interested
Ranked Pair PollingAlso known as Condorcet Voting, a way to find the poll option truly preferred to all othersCrJenniferForUnity ChrisKennedy
Proposals to PoliciesThe "policy" is like a wiki page, except that edits to it are voted on rather than automatically "adopted". CrJenniferForUnity Hunter Ellinger
semantic structure to parallel legislative process Now called: Bill Alerts / Tracking: for notifying others of relevant legislation Cr LOTV
Social Network similar to linked in and orkut Cr LOTV Jordan Phillips
Community Calendarfor each community created to list events Cr LOTV and Austin Eco networkBrandi will be at event on sat as typical client
Community Phonebookso communities can list people contact information and various resourcesCr LOTV
Community sectionwhere all the communities and their tools liveCr LOTV
Reputation system for social networkCr LOTV
Handicapped Accessible Calendar systemFix or Crhttp://www.knowbility.org/main/Khrysta
RSS Feed simplificationFix
Community Resource Databasea way for community to list all resources in their area from speakers, locales, to eventsCR Brandi Clark AustinEcoNetwork Brandi will be at event on Sat for interface preferences
tag map moduleCR
Newsletter generator created by tagging stories from blog, calendar and rss feedCR Selwyn Polit Selwyn @ austintx . com Selwyn will be at event on sat to answer question
Voting on blog postsSimilar to diggcrLoTV
Democratic Experience A drupal module to work with the demexp server FIX Augustin
Cardinal Voting also known as Range Voting, for better polls and elections CR Augustin
Electowidget A php voting API for all CMS, with a corresponding Drupal module FIX Augustin



Discussions about features should take place on the actual modules's page. That is a place for justifications and arguments about how features specifications and requests should work.


I added the "votes" and feature attribution to the table and ordered the table according to the votes. The idea was to give a sense of what the programmers might consider important and personalize things (cause a sense of community is always nice). I also filled in a page for Ranked Pair Polling with stuff explaining why the feature was good and how to implement it. - JenniferForUnity (on July 19, 2006)


Sorry I wasn't clear earlier but this space is to create a toolset for a specific purpose. Your tool suggestion fulfills that purpose but the time and effort that has been spent on market research combined with the programmers themselves taking ownership will decide the priorities of widgets. - Silona (7/19/06)

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