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Some things we will need help with...


Local server setup with dev environment to reduce load


Wireless setup




Special events

Current events:



Martini Rampage ( ballgowns and formal attire)

Ice Cream anti-social

Beer and Polka



Namecontact infoComment aka I wanna do...
Caseycasey.p.cooper@gmail.comI can do anything hardware or food related, and beyond...
Michellechick at margaritachick dot comdunno, pretty much anything I'm qualified to do, like, tax advice?
Sonia sonia.santana at gmail dot com turbo ice cream and robots - I think robots will make an appearance
TomD tomd @ robotgroup dot org robots to entertain and terrorize
Courtney Bcourtney borgman at hotmail dott commHm, I can serve food and drinks and help with event planning.
Miss Dee thehulahoopgirl at yahoo dot com Formal wear martini rampage, hula hooping, Heidi for beer polka, ice cream anti-social
Miss Scarlet scarlet.miss at gmail dot com Bellydancing, Formal wear martini rampage
Amy amy king 2004 at sbcglobal dot net Formal wear martini rampage
jessibabysurrealsunset@yaho.com whatever there is that i can do..
snaxsnaxxx at geemail dj, food service, comic relief
Sheilaghmartini /at/ spaceship dot comShow up at my house to join the martini rampage. see food/activities page for details!

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at 4:48 am on Aug 19, 2006

I'm assuming it's BYOC?

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