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Who's Coming

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Onsite Attendees:

NameWebsiteCommentsFullTime or PartTime?Skills/Interests/ToolsCoder/Volunteer/Other
Silona www.silona.com hell ya - this is going to be an insanely fun event courseduh I will need a shower afterwards like everyone elsenever ever
Jon L. www.weblogsky.com for the greybeard vibe
Kai www.madpenguin.com just like old times! full-on yo!sounds like php et. al.code
Ori www.sillyori.com rock!
Kevin photonghoul.com beer?
JenniferForUnity unitysupporters.com Tentative (might not be able to budget it).
David www.civicspacelabs.com every hacker event needs a business guy
Justin Sane www.drupal.org somewhat tentative, but sounds like fun!
Adam Mayer LDE site Why, I suppose so!
Chris Kennedy www.lbjlivewire.com just getting into drupal development FullTimephp/jscoder
Patrick Hansen www.cleanuptexaspolitics.com I'll be the guy posing as a hacker ...
Chris Lundberg chris.d.lundberg@gmail.com I'll try to give it a shot
Nathaniel Eliot t9productions.com
Garreth Wilcock thetimemachine.org how hard can coding be? What language again>?
Sheena I'll try to make it geeking out coder
Rhodes Gibson go9media.com amazing idea! as much as possible accessibility other/guru
Tom D Hyperweb.com This will be fun part time Hardware geekage Robots?
Triple Entendre triple-entendre.com I'll sleep when I'm dead! FullTime Ruby/PHP/HTML/CSS/Anything Coder
David Swedlow opposablemind.com Stoking emergent collective FurlTime (full with a pinch of parttime) QA/brainstorm/etc meta-coder
John Halcyon Styn cockybastard.com coders say the darndest things Full documentation / video other
Jordan Sissel www.semicomplete.com count me in!Full-tastic yes/many/yes coder/sysadmin
Chris Rauschuber www.metricode.com I'll even bring some homebrew! Part-time LAMP coder
Ryan www.jivemagazine.com Press lovin'Part-time Writin' and recordin' Scribe/Techno DJ



Remote Participants:

Jess N. Examplehttp://www.justanexample.infocan only participate via Net due to subpoenacontent management systems, Sam Adams beerPHP, C++Coder, kegmaster


Relevant Info:



  • Please invite others that you think will enjoy this event!


Volunteer Sign Up - I wanna help! but I'm not a programmer or can't do 48hrs...

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