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Whos Coming

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Onsite Attendees:

NameWebsiteCommentsFullTime or PartTime?Skills/Interests/ToolsCoder/Volunteer/Other
Skaven www.djskaven.com I'll be here mostly to DJ but can do some coding too if needed part time LAMP, Perl, mostly *nix sysadmin stuff Other - DJing and can help with infrastructure (network, system difficulties, servers, etc)
Silona www.silona.com hell ya - this is going to be an insanely fun event courseduh I will need a shower afterwards like everyone elsenever ever
Jon L. www.weblogsky.com for the greybeard vibe
Kai www.madpenguin.com just like old times! full-on yo!sounds like php et. al.code
Ori www.sillyori.com rock!
Kevin photonghoul.com beer?
JenniferForUnity unitysupporters.com Tentative (might not be able to budget it).
David www.civicspacelabs.com every hacker event needs a business guy
Justin Sane www.drupal.org somewhat tentative, but sounds like fun! part time (I'm finishing moving that weekend)LAMPengineer
Adam Mayer LDE site Why, I suppose so!
Chris Kennedy www.lbjlivewire.com just getting into drupal development FullTimephp/jscoder
Patrick Hansen www.cleanuptexaspolitics.com I'll be the guy posing as a hacker ...
Chris Lundberg chris.d.lundberg@gmail.com I'll try to give it a shot
Nathaniel Eliot t9productions.com
Garreth Wilcock thetimemachine.org how hard can coding be? What language again>?
Sheena must... put... something... herewill be there as much as I can, but will have to time-slice with work codingpart-timesystem-level programming skills help, right?...right? coder
Rhodes Gibson go9media.com amazing idea! as much as possible accessibility other/guru
Tom D Hyperweb.com This will be fun part time Hardware geekage Robots?
Triple Entendre triple-entendre.com I'll sleep when I'm dead! FullTime Ruby/PHP/HTML/CSS/Anything Coder
David Swedlow opposablemind.com Stoking emergent collective FurlTime (full with a pinch of parttime) QA/brainstorm/etc meta-coder
John Halcyon Styn cockybastard.com coders say the darndest things Full documentation / video other
Jordan Sissel www.semicomplete.com count me in!Full-tastic yes/many/yes coder/sysadmin
Ryan www.jivemagazine.com Press lovin'Part-time Writin' and recordin' Scribe/Techno DJ
Jordan Phillips Part-time LAMP code wrangler
Edwin Wise www.simreal.com Maybe? I don't know any of this stuff, but how hard can it be? Code monkey or whatever
Doryan www.wednesdaynightdinner.org Are you kidding? I can't sleep!people gathering, cooking, fabulousnessorganizer
Monte Hayward rootlet.blogspot.com Tentative; house pending sale, closes Oct 18. monteDOThayward(a)gma!l.c0mFullTime jsp,css,dhtml,xhtml,javascript,xslt/ relocation,nonprofits,open source,vc,etc./ Eclipse, Tomcat,etc. Coder, amateur mixologist, volunteer
Glen Fordniftyprolly partApache, XHTML, JS, CSS, Java, SQL, general witcoder
Bob Saweyhttp://localhost/sounds awesome, bobsawey_at_gmailDOTcom As long as possible HTML, CSS, some PHP, PERL, some Ruby, lots of C++, learning C#, Discrete Math and Systems Design, SQL, Javascript, some XML, Flash, some Actionscript
Matt Bucktechpeace.org...and now a Boing-boing write-up? I'm in!Full-timePHP, RoR, JavaCoder
R Breedas long as work does not intrudeSecurity,Ruby,Python,MySQL,*BSD,LinuxCoder/Other
Will O'Brien http://wpo3.com There will be lots of Coffee and Mountain Dew, Right? Part Time Brainstormer, Artist, Game Design, Graphic and UI Design and QA, Volunteer/Technophile/Spaz/Artist
Chris HunterHopefully fulltimeHTML, Javascript, CSS, Graphic Design, UI Design, XML, willing to learn PHPCoder/Other (Designer)
Hunter Ellingerhttp://hunter.ellinger.org



Coders of the world, unite!Probably about 24 out of 48Most languages/databases, including PHP/MySQLDesign, coding, political experience and sites
the Edward http://thedward.livejournal.com/ Everyone tells me PHP is just like Perl, but I think they may be lying Part Time Linux, Perl, Haskell, Bash, CGI Coder, Linux Monkey
stevie http://www.smartbearsoftware.com Didn't think I could make it, but it looks like I will due to Justin Sane's extra laptop! Full Time-ish PHP, C++, C#, SQL, PostgreSQL, pure mathematics Coder, IT support, whatever
Sean Mccullough http://www.cricketschirping.com http://www.banksean.com/TXLegislature/Senate.html It's like, blocks from my house Part Time PHP, java, ruby, SQL, DHTML/AJAXy type stuff


Remote Participants:

Jess N. Examplehttp://www.justanexample.infocan only participate via Net due to subpoenacontent management systems, Sam Adams beerPHP, C++Coder, kegmaster
Andy Schmitzhttp://lardbucket.orgcan only participate via Net due to extreme distance to Austin. Got lotsa homework too, so can only work for a few hours at a time.encryption, accessability, limitations, activismLAMP, JavaScript, a bit o' Ruby on Rails.Coder/Volunteer (parttime)
Jeremy Deiningerhttp://freedomlinux.comparticipate from Portland Oregon. Love to help, but Austin is too far (unless you can rustle up a plane ticket)Linux System Administration, Linux Advocacy, SecurityI'm like Swiss-Army Knife of systems (wifi, servers, drupal, subversion). I can code in PHP also.Coder/SysAdmin/Off-site Volunteer
Augustin http://www.wechange.org/blog/2 I live in the other side of the world, so I won't be able to come. php I am coding the module for the Democratic Experience project and have been part of the Electowidget project in the past. If anyone is interested in any of those project, I can arrange most of the 48 hours to stay in touch and code together with the cod-a-thonians



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  • Please invite others that you think will enjoy this event!


Volunteer Sign Up - I wanna help! but I'm not a programmer or can't do 48hrs...

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